Shermie is retired and living in Shawnee, KS enjoys playing piano and entertaining - Shermie at the Piano, also performs and is a member of the following bands:  KC Dixieland, The Dean Del Rio Band (Archie, MO) and The Birthday Band. Shermie retired Sept. 1, 2014 from Union Pacific Railroad, Bailey Yard in North Platte, NE, and was member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 1920. Shermie attended the following schools: Vance Elementary, Coronado Junior High, graduated from Class of 1970 at Washington High in Kansas City, KS and received his technical degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Central Institute of Technology in Kansas City, MO, presently DeVry University. He was employed for more than 23 years working on government contracts overseas at the Kwajalein atoll located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, providing technical expertise in engineering, maintenance and repair of electronic and computer control tracking systems at the Kwajalein Missile Range (KMR), currently Reagan Test Site
Shermie worked for the following companies: Kentron Hawaii LTD (Kwajalein Missile Range , Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands), Data Management Systems (Overland Park, Kansas), Storage Technology Corporation (Overland Park, Kansas), Planning Research Company (Kwajalein Missile Range), Johnson Controls (Kwajalein Missile Range), DynCorp (Kwajalein Missile Range), GTE Engineering Services (Kwajalein Missile Range, ALTAIR Radar, Roi-Namur, Kwajalein Missile Range), Raytheon (Kwajalein Missile Range, Sudbury, MA), 2nd Century Communications (Chelmsford, MA, Intel (Santa Clara, CA, Hudson, MA, & Colorado Springs, CO) and Union Pacific Railroad (Bailey Yard, North Platte, NE). Shermie has held the following positions during his working career: Locomotive Electronic Technician-Diesel Electrician, Electronic Field Service Engineer, Information Technology (IT) Field Engineer, Automated Data Process Equipment Field Engineer and Computer Maintenance Supervisor/Lead, Computer Hardware Systems Instructor, Technical Writer, Semi-conductor Manufacturer Technician, Telemetry Technician, Radar and Optical Tracking Systems Technician, Pianist, Singer & Songwriter, Piano Tuner/Technician, Mid Plains Prospector, Welder, Farmer, Gardening, Mechanic, Home Repairman and Website Developer.

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